Gloria Skrobacki, Artist at Lovers Key Nautical Market - loverskeynautcalmarket.comMy name is Gloria Skrobacki, I am an artist living in fort Myers Florida.

The inspiration for most of my artwork comes from my many years of living in Florida. You will find portrayed in my paintings the pristine sandy beaches and colorful skies of the Gulf of Mexico. You will also see the beautiful flowers, air plants and many of the native birds found in the everglades among the cypress trees. The underwater sea life in my paintings come from our many boating adventures, including family vacations to the Florida Keys.

When I am out in the midst of God’s beautiful works of creation, I am in awe of His masterpiece. Experiencing the peacefulness of the beach and the tranquility of the cypress slough or looking eye to eye with the brilliantly colored tropical fish on the reef is the inspiration for my artwork. The experience is my pleasure and the artwork is my passion.

I have original paintings for sale as well as prints ranging in size and price from note cards to 16×20. I have many items with my artwork on them including sandstone coasters. I also offer unique coasters and mugs with the nautical charts of our area on them. They make wonderful souvenirs and gifts.